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This workbook is useful for people who feel unhappy, powerless, or disillusioned, and also looking for work.

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    "Remember! It's very important when considering major life changes to move from a position of STRENGTH - and not from a position of weakness, disempowerment or unhappiness."

    K. McKoy

    CEO, McKoy Coaching

    What you get:

    By completing this workbook you will develop awareness about the causes of your "unhappiness" at work. Complete the action plan and find ways to empower

    yourself in your existing situation. Use this

    tool to help yourself take your next career steps from a place of strength - instead of from helplessness or desperation.

    What is it all about?

    We all have feelings about our job – it's where most of us spend our adult years and the bulk of our waking hours. These feelings change over time and can be anywhere between enjoyment to complete misery. In order to make changes in your career, it helps to understand what you enjoy, and what you don't, in your current work. Then you can determine whether to take action on alternative careers.